• • Wireless handheld microphone
  • • An LCD projector, and a screen
  • • A screen and sound system appropriate to the size of the room and the audience
  • • A riser (for groups of over 25), to be located no more than 6 feet from the audience, and in front of any head table

  • Other

  • • Frank would like to join the group for the meal. All he needs is a pot of real coffee.


He was a quarter-finalist on "Star Search"…he lost to a puppet. He's also appeared on A&E's "An Evening at the Improv," Showtime's "Comedy Club Network," and CNN's "Business Unusual." In addition to telling jokes he's been busy selling jokes. He's written for Jay Leno, Joan Rivers, and Dennis Miller. He's opened up for Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Sandler, Jeff Foxworthy, and Ron White, and most recently was himself opened up, by a crack team of cardiac surgeons, at the Oregon Heart and Vascular Institute…who, performed an aortic valve replacement, his second, and tossed in a double bypass, his first…so he truly is, Funny at Heart.

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